RTS is a global supplier for a specialty interface level sensor system made for a wide variety of markets and applications. RTS leverages more than 17 years of industry experience in the field of Instrumentation and Controls. Our expertise is providing solutions.

RTS provides high quality liquid level sensors and is the world's only supplier of long length sensor hose and interface float designs. Back in 2000 I was given the opportunity to engineer a level system that would measure the interface between black liquor and soap primarily found in the pulp and paper industry.  The specialty interface system was installed and worked sucessfully.  It was then shortly after that when RTS re-engineered a "second generation" system that successfully provided this difficult and challenging measurement. This particular measurement had never been achieved before.

RTS is now pleased to present to you the SMS2000 and MI2000 – two(2) revolutionary specialty instrument level packages that allow the accurate measurement of liquid interfaces, height or thickness of the top liquid layer on a continuous basis. This information can then be displayed in the control room to allow operators to track these varying process interfaces.  These level inputs can be “alarmed” to give early warning of impending problems.

RTS continues to provide an on-going commitment to high quality position and liquid level measurement technology development.


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