2015 and Older

Alabama River Pulp, USA - Weak Liquor Tans

International Paper, Augusta, GA - Weak Liquor Tank

Arauco, Chile - 50' weak liquor tanks.  


Glatfelter, Spring Grove,PA  - Two(2) systems, Weak liquor Tank


International Paper, Rieglewood, NC - Two(2) 45' SMS2000 systems for weak liquor tanks.  


Domatar, Ashdown, AR - Two(2) 30' SMS2000 systems for heavy liquor tanks.  


Arauco, Chile - Two(2) 60' SMS2000 systems for weak liquor tanks.  



Europac, Portugal - Soap skimmer with rake

Mondi Group - Bulgaria


Georgia Pacific, Foley, FL



Europac, Portugal - Soap skimmer application with rotating rake

Mondi Group, Bulgaria  - Second System, schedule to ship Oct 22,2019)

SMS2000 presentation at BLRBAC steering committee - Nov 2019


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